Firebase - how to limit the login to one?

I’ve used firebase for a website , how to limit the login to 1 or delete the user after 1 login

You can just usenonymous login…and disable persistence I guess

I dont see point…but its doable

How to restrict innonymous login

There is nothing to restrictt that scenario…if you trygain, you will get new user

Im making votingpp where user logins to votes soons vote is counted the user logs out , but if he loginsgain he can vote.i want to restrict that.

You need to sort out your mind first…its either voting / registering & login…if you wanted to delete userfter first login / vote…he would beble to votegain, no ?! …

So first you need to sort identification &uthentication = register / login

AND THEN business rule, ie vote only once

There is no registration , I provide email id/password.I have to make it one time use. I used same button for votingnd logging out

Why do they need to provide password, if they cant logingain ?

Why do youctually have to createccount…

You can just make entry with emailddressnd check if it haslready voted