Firebase package install giving "invalid json response body" error

When ever i am trying to install firebase package it is giving me error “invalid json response body at reason: Unexpected end of JSON input”. do anyone know how to solve this problem

Follow official documentation :wink:

I am following the offical documentation. it is giving me the error when i am trying to install with the command npm install --save firebase.

Whats your node and npm version

Are you sure you have proper internet connection ?

Ie no proxy, firewall crap etc

When i tried installing another npm package i was able to install it

Node version :- v10.19.0

This is the package that i am getting issue with.

You can try to use CDN
From the CDN, include the individual services you use (include firebase-app first):

<script src="[${FIREBASE_VERSION}/firebase-auth.js](${FIREBASE_VERSION}/firebase-auth.js)"></script>
<script src="[${FIREBASE_VERSION}/firebase-database.js](${FIREBASE_VERSION}/firebase-database.js)"></script>
<script src="[${FIREBASE_VERSION}/firebase-firestore.js](${FIREBASE_VERSION}/firebase-firestore.js)"></script>
<script src="[${FIREBASE_VERSION}/firebase-storage.js](${FIREBASE_VERSION}/firebase-storage.js)"></script>
<script src="[${FIREBASE_VERSION}/firebase-messaging.js](${FIREBASE_VERSION}/firebase-messaging.js)"></script>
<script src="[${FIREBASE_VERSION}/firebase-functions.js](${FIREBASE_VERSION}/firebase-functions.js)"></script>```
But that package never cause me trouble :wink: and I sure that if this stops working you will have people bitching about it everywhere :DD

It yeah, something is wrong on your machine / connection

My connection is perfect

Maybe there would be some issue with my maching

How can i resolve this isssue

Local npm cache is probably corrupted

I used the command npm cache verify

It did not gave me any error

Npm cache clean --force