Frameworks for kafka stream in nodejs?

Hi everyone,
May I ask what’s the best module perhaps framework for kafka stream in nodejs?
I’m having performance issue with the current config

There is no Kafka Streams for Node. What are you currently using? From my experience for Kafka clients in Node, kafkajs is best.

Hi, thanks for answering,
I’m having an issue with my consumer, at start it consume quickly but slowing down as I run a little stress test. Can you give me a suggestion how to config my consumer please?

Not sure I can help, never run stress tests with Node, in our case the load was quit low.

Can you suggest a consumer config that keep consumer stable? because the speed is different from 5 consecutive call, it’s getting bigger, doesn’t even qualify for a stress test

Not sure, maybe you have a memory leak or something in what you do with the messages? I don’t think the problem is the consumer, but it could be.

        options: {
          client: {
            clientId: 'pragmatic-service',
            brokers: [process.env.KAFKA_HOST],
            ssl: {
                rejectUnauthorized: true,
                ca: [fs.readFileSync('ca.pem', 'utf-8')],
            sasl: {
                mechanism: 'plain',
                username: process.env.KAFKA_USERNAME,
                password: process.env.KAFKA_PASSWORD,
            connectionTimeout: 3000,
            authenticationTimeout: 1000,
            reauthenticationThreshold: 10000
          run: {
            autoCommit: true
          producer: {
            idempotent: false
          consumer: {
            groupId: process.env.CONSUMER_GROUP,
            heartbeatInterval: 2000,
            sessionTimeout: 6000

The consumer just log the message, nothin else

And if I give a little delay like 1s between request, it still fast