Getting currently running AWS EC2 instances in Grafana

Hi friends does anyone know of a way in grafana to get currently running aws ec2 instnaces?

Hello! Are you using the AWS cloud integration?
You can use it by just connecting to your AWS account, without running any agent.
After you connect to the account and install the dashboards, there is an out of the box view for ec2 instances which offers a birds eye view of your running instances

We are using AWS Cloduwatch datasurce

Is cloud integration something different?

Can you point me to the doc for that?

Is this available on the free self hosted version of grafana?

The AWS solution is only available in cloud

Here are the docs

And here it’s a blog post with a demo on how to use it - it doesn’t cover the out of the box views for ec2 yet

Ah it looks to have the “grafana cloud” tag

we dont use grafana cloud

Is there a Cloudwatch query able to do that ?