Google Cloud Scheduler

Hi folks - got a couple questions about scheduling events potentially using Google Cloud Scheduler

  1. Can I schedule a job to fire exactly once at a specified time some time in the future, not on a recurring schedule? I don’t see an example schedule that demonstrates that here
  2. Would it be a valid use of this service to create thousands of jobs using the create jobs endpoint that each fire exactly once? The goal is to avoid batch processing workloads and instead simply schedule events that must fire at known times, and to schedule these events dynamically as it is known when they are to be scheduled. What would the costs of that be?
  3. What would be the best way to use the scheduler service to also trigger Kafka events and not just Google PubSub events?
    Thank you.

I’d probably recommend looking at Cloud Tasks. This at least covers the first 2 cases.

  1. No, that’s not what it is designed for.
  2. No, it’ll not only cost you a lot, but also is not smth the service is designed for.
  1. As always, it depends, but I’d probably have a custom Cloud Tasks handler that posts a Pub/Sub and Kafka messages in response to a Cloud Task

Great I’ll take a look at Cloud Tasks for this instead. Appreciate it