Grafana 8 alert - Image not showing in Microsoft Teams alert

Hi everyone… I’m testing Grafana 8 alert system. I’m using Grafana Managed Alert rule type, I have configured the renderer server (it’s working fine, because if I try to share any panel, and press on “Direct link rendered image”, the image is shown), but when I receive the alert in MS Teams, no image is there. Do I have to do something else in order to get that image?

Quiet a few of the notifiers in Unified alerting require images be stored external to the grafana instance (ala s3) to be send to their destination. Theres a list of the notifiers here

For example, the URL you gave me talks about the “[unified_alerting.screenshots]” section, wich doesn’t exists in grafana.ini. Do I have to add it? or I’m in the wrong version or something? I look at it in Grafana 8.x and 9.x

Yeah, you can add/remove sections from the grafana config, so you would just need to add the missing ones in

The weird part is I have the same configuration shown in that URL, but I don’t get any images in my email nor MS Teams. According to the site, MS Teams doesn’t allow upload images from disk (I’m using local disk), but it should do it for email.
The other thing, grafana_screenshot_cache_hits_total and other were not created, so clearly something is wrong somewhere…