Grafana alerts/notifications to AWS SNS

Can we send the notification/alert to SNS from Grafana Alerting ?

Are you using Grafana 8 alerts or an earlier release? Regardless, we do not have an SNS notifier channel but you could possibly configure a webhook receiver to handle a notification and pass it on to SNS

Thanks , We are using 7.4 and trying with webhook for SNS , do share if any document do we have ? Challenge is what to mention in URL :disappointed: , if we have more alerting options on Grafana 8 then I’ll have a look by installing locally .

You would put the URL for the webhook receiver that translates the payload into SNS for you. If you’ve got a service running to do that, you’ll want to point the webhook at the URL where that is listening. If you’re using an off the shelf solution like Zapier or an AWS lambda function you’ll get the URL from there. I can’t provide any support or feedback on setting that up, though.