Grafana Cloudwatch with multiple accounts

Hello everyone, I have a query regarding visualizing Cloudwatch metrics in Grafana.
Currently I am using Cloudwatch plugin for Grafana to do so but the problem with it is that I have AWS multiple accounts and the Cloudwatch is being added as a Datasource for each of those accounts in grafana, is there a way to have a single datasource in Grafana for all of those accounts and use account id in query somehow? Anyone faced this before?
Here I have listed only 3 but there is a big list of Cloudwatch Datasources.

once you get that setup, you can have one datasource that has the ability to view any of your accounts. it’s pretty cool.

Oh I get it, first get the other accounts to send the metrics to my AWS account’s cloudwatch then add my account as a Datasource, Nice.
Cool I guess this could work for me. Thanks :+1:. here’s a bit more info.

Thanks for the help .