[Grafana] Exporting all firing alert instances(instead of alert rules)

Hi, can we export all firing alert instances instead of alert rules?
I need to export all of these alert instances to a file, like csv.

If you have database access, you can get it from the grafana database alert_instance
If not, you can get the same from the alert groups which will have all firing alerts

There is no record in table (yes is table not database,only a database named main ) alert_instance:

The alert groups you mentioned are here?

What version grafana are you using and is it open source or cloud?

The table alert_instance contains the alerts that pop up daily, updating the alert’s state and removing them once the alert is resolved.

The table annotations include all the alerts to date, which will record all the states and lifecycle of the alert. Say, for any pod that failed, there will be two records added where the state will change from normal to alerting, and once it’s resolved the state will be updated to normal again.

It’s deployed in local.

Understood, the databases should have the entry
I’ve explained both the table definitions

Okay, thank you. I will continue to investigate it.