Grafana - Fetching data via API

Does Grafana has functionality to invoke API endpoint of some application to get the data? i,e https call instead of connecting to database etc.

Some data sources like prometheus provide all data to Grafana through an HTTP API

But what you are describing is the job of the datasource plugin in Grafana. If you want to learn more about building a plugin this is a good intro:

How about this?

That is a datasource plugin, but I’m not sure I understand the question?

Ok. Let me clarify a little… I have an application running with exposed REST endpoints. I can make curl call to the endpoint which returns data in JSON format. I need to build dashboard which shows that data.

It sounds like a good use case for Prometheus or another time series database if you’re hoping to store and visualize metrics from those endpoints over time, but you might need to find or write an exporter that will translate your data into a language the database will understand.

This article might help,

Try infinity datasource by which you call pull data from any http endpoint.

Thank you all. I endup using infinity. Seems pretty good.