Grafana geomap panel issue: Not recognizing latitude, longitude queries as location data

Hello all, I am trying to use the geomap panel. I have 3 prometheus queries: one returning latitude as value, one returning longitude as value and one data as value.
Geomap is saying the items are not location data.
the data coming from the queries looks as below:
I would like to add extra queries which match with the location data but show other data.

try converting them to number via Transformation

they are already a number

you mean they are number coming from prom or you have tried the recommended Transformation

anyway it does not help

Geomap panel wants the fields in the same dataframe. So you could try a merge to get the 3 queries into the same frame

Merge does something but my points are all over the place

and those values seem to be Array?

A merge does not work it seems

what does your table view show without the merge

this and a drop down per query

a merge only keeps latitude it seems

a merge places all values under the field “latitude” is what it seems *

I can do a join by time

The issue is now I can not select the right field:

my values have been moved to labels of a joined metric

Does geomap expect timeseries or a table?

doesn’t matter as long as it has lon,lat