Grafana - invalid format of evaluation results for the alert definition

Hi to all again. Can somebody help with this new fancy ngalert? I can’t understand how write rules. (eh. it was simple somevalue > somevalue -> alert, now it do anything else but doesn’t alert)
Currently I get this error invalid format of evaluation results for the alert definition A: looks like time series data, only reduced data can be alerted on."
When I build this scheme:
• Query: sum(somevalue)
• Math: $A>1
• Reduce: Mean B
Its firing in GUI, but nothing in slack

You have to use a reduce step in your alert.

And your alert math rule must use the reduce output.
A -> query
B -> Reduce (uses imput from A)
C -> Math (uses input from B)
Condition on C

For what math needed then?

Just get some information for description?

Did you get it working?

Nope, still alerting in gui, nothing in slack

Did you make contact points and notification policies?

Yeap. Test notification works

I delete all templates for the slack receiver. Maybe error somewhere there (though there is no errors in logs)

Ok. at some point I get it worked with lag for several minutes. so my alert may firing for ~5 minutes and only after that grafana decided to notify me :face_palm:

Thanks for help

That is a setting in your Alert, but sometimes it can be delayed. No clue why.

Already set 10s and 0, so it must fire at time when alert is triggered