Grafana - line graph for number of nodes in a cluster based on architecture type

Hello. We are beginning our journey to move our eks nodes to graviton instances and would like to be able to track that via a dashboard. Is there any available dashboards out there that can show via line graph the number of nodes in a cluster based on their architecture type (x86, arm64)? Any help would be appreciated.

sum(kube_node_labels) by (label_kubernetes_io_arch)

Thanks for the response! When simply executing:
in my Thanos instance, the only values I’m seeing are for container, job, node and prometheus. Is there something additional I have to add to see the label_kubernetes_io_arch? Sorry if missing something. Pretty new to this.

First check if you actually have that label on the node itself
kubectl describe node <node name>

Yes, there is a []( label on each of the nodes.

You need to add --metric-labels-allowlist=nodes=[*] as an extra args to kube-state-metrics to make it export node labels

By default it doesn’t