Grafana- multiple timescales

I understand Grafana is mostly geared towards Dashboards with panels that generally share the same time period. I am starting to have a need for building panels that have completely different time periods, and do not require a data refresh. Basically loading data within a time period via queries with a static display. Kind of a playbook scenario. Is there a way to build a dashboard for this purpose or does Grafana only support Dashboards with panels that share the same data sets over the same time span?

You can hide Time Picker on the dashboard and don’t use the time filter in the data sources.

I’ll give that a try. Is there a JSON example for provisioning the dashboard and datasource for this? I can dig around the internet as well

I would recommend to look at

Regarding Time Picker for the dashboard

    "hidden": true

Would something like this work for you? More here.

Perfect thank you