[Grafana] Problem using templates for Slack alerts

Sorry if i bother but im having problem using templates for slack alert:

	[{{- .Status | toUpper -}}{{- if eq .Status "firing" }} x {{ .Alerts.Firing | len -}}{{- end }}  | {{ .CommonLabels.env | toUpper -}} ] ||  {{ .CommonLabels.alertname -}}
{{- end -}}```
if create this template, i should be able to have a template "slack.title" for the slack contactpoint:
`title: "{{ template `slack.title` . }}"`  but instead i receive this error when applying with yaml:
`template "slack.title" not defined`  someone knows what am i doing wrong?

Not even using this answer from stackoverwflow works, same erro

Did you add the slack template in the contact points tab?
my template is called “slack” and contains my go template with both title and message templates

Yep. i add there a template called slack (as the slack page says) but the error i receive in helm is what i wrote up there