Grafana - programmatically defining dashboards

Folks, what’s the official/preferred way to programmatically define dashboards?|grafonnet’s README says that it should be considered experimental and not meant to be used in production.

Depends on the level of programming you need. Anything that produces JSON is good. I did some automation with Terraform just by replacing the placeholder in my JSON to get the right datasource ID. It’s limited but was enough in my case.
Grafonnet is a good option, but it could evolve and have breaking changes

Right. I was hoping for something that would get me bootstrapped, as opposed to having to start from scratch defining custom nested structs or classes and their mapping to and from json for every resource of interest. I saw that Grizzly supports things coming out from jsonnet so I figured grafonnet would be good, but it seems it’s not mature yet.

you can also go the route of provisioning