Grafana replica increase issue - Failed to look up user based on cookie

H Team,

I tried to increase grafana replicas to 2 and since I am getting the below error,

logger=context t=2022-02-23T07:14:24.96+0000 lvl=info msg="Request Completed" method=GET path=/ status=302 ```
I am trying to login, it says login successful but does not login. I am using the below helm chart


Hey can you try with image 8.4.1 ? ( doing blind try)
seems like a DB migration issue ( guess again)

Hi @Tanmay Bhat I have deployed with image 8.4.1. only

Hey, I do run with same version having 2 replicas, works correctly to me. I think until concrete solution is found if you can try scaling down to 1 replica.

Hi, are you using the above helm chart?

Yep, but this chart has grafana 8.3.6, so I changed that to 8.4.1.

Are you using ingress?

Even I am using kong ingress, but I am getting the

when I increase replicas to 2

Seems like a HTTPS redirect issue. Cross check your ingress config block with kong docs. Dont know much about Kong.