[Grafana] Unified alert system - which dashboard did the alert come from?

Hello! I started to use the new unified alert system,
And I got an alert in slack, but I find it quite hard to find from which dashboard the alert come, there is no link
I need to click “Source” and then see the source in grafana UI, then understand the dashboard it comes from, and then check the graph. Am I missing something?

As far as i understood, alerts don’t “depend” on panels anymore. you define a rule based on the data in your datasource but not based on a graph. if you click on your Source link in the slack notification you get to you firing alert rule. there you can click View on the right. grafana opens a new view with the detailed rule and freshly rendered graphs of your queries. hope this helps.

If the alert comes from an old, migratet, rule, you can click “go to dashboard” in your source view :wink:

I don’t have a “View” on the right :thinking_face:

This is what i get when i click on my alert rule.

Ah found it!
But from the OnCall it is not really clear how to reach the alerts ^^

I had to go to alerts, find the one triggering and then click view

Nope, it takes a bit of playing with them.

Will check more in depth when I have free time
If I struggle to find the alerts, good luck to me to convince the devs to use the alerting system :sweat_smile:

“guys you’ll see it is super easy :sweat_smile:

After playing around with the new alerting i find it better than the old one. i like that they are unified and in one place now, less navigating. plus operations like reduce and math make them much more reliable and applicable for our use cases . i know they had been there before, but with the upgrade they seem more accessible.

I would like to see how people are using the alerts on basic system and jobs system honestly :slightly_smiling_face:
Like a set of good practices, example etc