Grafanaa - enable app plugin for editor mode

Hey there any one tell me how to enable app plugin for editor mode? and how to enable it by default user not need to enable the app plugin

Please take a look at App provisioning:

You can manage plugins in Grafana by adding one or more YAML config files in the provisioning/plugins directory. Each config file can contain a list of apps that will be updated during start up. Grafana updates each app to match the configuration file.

Is there is any configuration that make plugin available for every user no like available for editor

can you tell me configuration for every organization

Do you have any particular App plugin on your mind? Because there is configuration in plugin.json file which role is required to see the app

      "addToNav": true,
      "defaultNav": true,
      "name": "Home",
      "path": "/a/XXXX/",
      "role": "Admin",   <----
      "type": "page"
To enable App plugin for multiple organization, you should use `org_id` as describe in the documentation
```# <int> Org ID. Default to 1, unless org_name is specified
    org_id: 1```

I have created my own app plugin but
i have many organization in my grafana and wanted to enable that for every organization but it only enable for the organization id which specify in org_id

Do you know if there is a way to specify all organization in the org_id?