How are folks installing/maintaining awscli through chef?

I’m curious how folks here are installing/maintaining awscli through chef, or other means? thanks!

I had a cookbook to do that using chef

On Windows it’s a choco. On Linux we build our own RPM.

Ok. Yes, we are using choco, as well, for Windows. I’ve built RPMs in the past, and really wish that AWS was offering this as a distribution endpoint. Would you mind sharing any details in how you are doing this in AWS?

I wouldn’t say we’re doing anything special for AWS per se. My current org uses Artifactory for team RPMs (Satellite for OS RPMs) and we mirror to S3 with aws cli. Basic createrepo and aws s3 sync will do the job like in

In every org I’ve joined I’ve found the team that does or started the practice of RPM-ing all shared and some leaf 3rd-party products used in deploys. Once a community of folks are doing this regularly it’s normal for most new RPMs to take about 2-4 hours to do the full lifecyle from downloading from upstream to releasing in our internal repos. Something like Oracle or Tuxedo takes about two days.

Whenever we have have a question about some practice in building or deploying RPMs, we just do what Fedora would do.