How can I expose the gatewayapi ecosystem outside the cluster?

if I have gatewayapi ecosystem in my cluster. If I understand this correctly Gateway is the crd that should create kubernetes service type=loadbalancer? Or how these should be exposed outside of the clusters? Kubernetes cloudproviders supports creating loadbalancers with service . However, I do not see that mentioned almost anywhere? Is Gateway resource supposed to handle external loadbalancer creation by itself?

with ingressclass + ingress it was quite clear how this whole picture works. But I have not seen fully example anywhere how to install gatewayapi for instance to AWS/openstack kubernetes cluster with all parts in it

because at least we need combination of external loadbalancer and in-cluster reverse proxy to make things working

like simple example: how to get things working like with nginx (or any other known reverse proxy that supports gatewayapi)

All the Gateway API resources are like Ingress in that they don’t do anything by themselves without having an implementation installed.

Our list of implementations is available on

Different implementations support different ways of getting traffic into the cluster (although creating an LB Service is quite common)