How can I get a GUI frontend for management of nodes/cookbooks?

Hey, new friends. I am new to Chef, and am using a hosted Chef Infra server via AWS. I am curious - I see in documentation that Chef Manage is no longer an option with Chef Automate 2 (the version that I am running on AWS). How can I get a GUI frontend for management of nodes/cookbooks, etc.?

I use chef automate in aws on version 2. i don’t know of a way to do this, but there might be some tools for this. our management of it is done all through automation, other than deletion of cookbook, which could be automated as well in a safe way…

Just use cli command (knife this, knife that)

Yeah, I am going to have to buckle down and figure out how we can manage this in an adequate way. While I do appreciate CI/CD and all that, I was looking for a solution that would allow us to get up and running quickly. Point and click is useful for that :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely easier to onboard

There might be stuff out there already… i am not sure for automating… we built ours, as i understand it, from ground up… but, honestly, it might be something that could be open sourced… maybe a conversation I can bring up down the line… i am a committer for FreeBSD, and these are conversations I have all the time…

You could also create a simply gui based program, as well, or web-based, but ci/cd will make it much easier… less onboarding issues and ongoing support

You can also create cookbooks in system manager aws

There are examples in documentation for this

Thanks , I will have to explore that as an option. :slightly_smiling_face: