How do I show a work item on a project’s board from a different project?

I am curious, does anyone know if there is a way to show a work item on a project’s board from a different project? They use the same process template. I think that the answer to this is, “no”.

The use case is that a team at my company has work items on their board for engineers on my team and I would like to see them on my sprint board and they want to see them on their boards as well. We are both in different projects. Maybe there is an alternative way to do this? Thanks.

Install query based boards then run a cross project query?

It supposedly can also do dependency arrows but i couldn’t get that working…

you might want to show this to Lisa :slightly_smiling_face:

, wow, that’s really interesting! I didn’t even know that existed. Thanks!

I think there a couple in the marketplace that do it

Sorry, I just reread your first comment, so it looks like it’s this extension. Very cool.

Yup :+1::skin-tone-3:

Not a flowviz thing haha

Just putting in a plug that FlowVis is also awesome. :wink:

A lot of my users use Query Based Boards, its popular with the PMs.

I just installed it, it seems really powerful. The video even describes swimlanes, but I haven’t dug into how to do it yet.

This sounds like solving an org issue (people problem) with tools. Another option is to place these engineers on both teams and adjust sprint capacity accordingly. Cross-project queries can gather information for overall employee productivity data. Otherwise, you’re discussing the same work items in multiple standups and the only impact it has on project A is that it has reduced the engineer’s capacity on project A.