How do we implement a stacked bar chart using the new bar chart panel

Hey, is it possible to do a stacked bar chart using the new bar chart panel?

You can do bars with the new time series panel and then do the stacking

I was hoping to do something similar to the “JavaScript framework” example on the bar chart’s docs :frowning:

Ohhhh ok that example is grouping, not stacking :sweat_smile: (grouped bars vs stacked bars are different) your data needs to have multiple numerical fields for grouping. Something like the Google sheets data source or using a csv is best for that. That example is actually on the dashboard - check out the explore and inspect views to see how it was configured

Huh, neat, I’ll have to put that link in my bookmarks

Mhm, I think there might be something to be done using the Labels to Fields transform :thinking_face: will report back if it works