How do we set windows group policies using chef?

How do we set windows group policies using chef ?
Is there any way we can set which does not have equivalent registry keys like ” User rights ” ?

Group policy and Chef are trying to do the same thing.
what’s your end goal with using group policy?

I’d say roughly having a configuration as code in a declarative fashion for the group policy, so you may configure a new AD domain or sub domain consistently

I was trying to convert some CIS profiles into chef code .
Many GPOs have equivalent registry keys but user rights (for example system time settings ) security settings does not have much .
I was thinking how i could use chef to write a code for the same which does not have registry keys settings .

It’s either registry key or active directory setting in windows world (and well a bunch of AD settings are in registry too)

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: Will have look