How to add Prometheus data sources in Grafana when test connection is failing?

Hello, i’m just beginning my journey with grafana & prometheus, having installed both recently. One data source of prometheus was added to grafana automatically ‘http://prometheus-kube-prometheus-prometheus.prometheus.svc.cluster.local:9090’, which is working. I see there are a couple more I could add:
• prometheus-kube-state-metrics
• prometheus-node-exporter
When I try to add them as a data source though, the test is failing. I’m sure this is because I’m so new, but the docs I’m finding are all describing what the different fields mean such as ‘basic auth’ to use basic authentication … but the thing is I’m not sure what I need to provide to add these data sources. if someone could give me a nudge in the right direction? I’ve tried to add using the following urls:
I can watch the grafana log and see that the connections are timing out. Possibly a firewall issue? (but the data source added by default is working, port 9090)

Hey! Let me know if I’m misunderstanding anything, but it sounds like you’re trying to add node-exporter and prometheus-kube-state-metrics as new datasources in Grafana?

Prometheus-node-exporter and prometheus-kube-state-metrics are not Grafana datasources, they are services that provide data that prometheus scrapes, which is then made available to Grafana. If you take a look and find your prometheus configuration (prometheus.yaml or .yml), you should see node_exporter and prometheus-kube-state-metrics in the scrape_configs sections in your prometheus config file. These scrape configurations tell prometheus what data to scrape and store as time series data, which is made available to Grafana via the Prometheus data source.

So you should already have the metrics available from those sources, you just don’t need to add them as their own datasource in Grafana, you should be able to find the metrics provided by those packages already in your prometheus instance which you’ve already connected to Grafana!

That makes sense. So maybe I just need to find the right dashboards. The 3 dashboards I’m seeing by default aren’t showing much: