How to create a threshold against age from a Unix timestamp column in Grafana?

Hello everyone, I have a noob question using a binary operation in a transformation. My goal is to create a threshold against age from the column created_at. I would like to subtract the current time. The created_at data type is a Unix timestamp in milliseconds. Any hints or a link where I can find something to read about this topic? Thank you in advance.

I think I would try solving this maybe by adding an additional field in your SQL select to convert the “created_at” date to a unix timestamp in milliseconds and compare against that

Oh wait I misread. :thinking_face:

So created_at is a millisecond timestmap, and now() is… unknown, but probably not a millisecond timestamp since the calculation’s not working?

I’m using the GitHub data source and I haven’t found an internal function I can use which gives me the equivalent of now() in the transformation. Maybe I just don’t understand it completely :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for quick reply.

So basically what I’m looking it substracting the current time - created_at and apply a threshold.