How to deploy and promote Argo Rollouts simultaneously for frontend and backend?

Hello , Anyone familiar with Argo Rollouts ? I have a requirement where I need to deploy two rollouts and promote them simultaneously because both rollouts are dependent on each other i.e frontend and backend so if they do no promote at the same time it will be a downtime till the time both comes with the same version of code . I am achieving this by a shell script to check for rollouts and promote when both deployed with new version ,Any good solution would be appreciated .
Also sometime i have seen rollouts remain in paused state even after i promoted that rollout and i need to run promote command again to get that rollout in healthy state .
Thanks in Advance .

This will be fragile unless you can find a way to switch on the new versions together.
Can you change your implementation so you can rollout your backend on a different path that the updated frontend will use?

I can try that ,… thanks :slightly_smiling_face: