How to upgrade aws-cli v2

Here’s a question that I never thought I’d need to ask - for instances running Amazon Linux 2, what’s the expected way to upgrade aws-cli v2? Surely it’s not ‘download the zip file linked in the documentation’, but it doesn’t appear to be in the repos?

Yeah I’m familiar with the PyPI situation, however it never occurred to me that they wouldn’t include it in a repo for their own, first-party platform

I mean…who uses the aws cli on an EC2? If you are deploying something, wouldn’t you want a first class language SDK? Why use an inefficient wrapper?

It’s often the easiest and simplest method to do things, for example aws s3 sync

  1. In this case, it’s a dependency for a third-party product
  1. Regardless it’s now an ‘unmanaged’ piece of software on the machine. Doing a regular yum update won’t get new versions, which is a potential security issue

I probably wouldn’t trust the security of any product that forces you to run it on an EC2 in 2022