How to use groups in rules for sending messages to separate SQS

But i can’t figure out how to use thoose groups in the rules … i want send the messages received from the developments thing in that group go to a seperate SQS

That’s an interesting approach. When the device publishes a message to a topic you should get the thingName from the topic string. query the things group and switch based on the thing groups for sending to your SQS

mqtt > lambda > sqs

you could also get that things shadow and search and check for the attribute you’re using to separate staging and dev. you have lots of options

Thnx … via dynamodb would also be an option

Because to implement the whole device shadow before we want to deliver would be a huge work

Now we just asume our device is always online … and nothing should be kept in sync when it is offline it only sends values and sometime we push something back but we use jobs for that

Are you using the shadow delta?

No we don’t use the shadow at all for now