Identical schemas with different IDs

Hi team,

I had a question.

Seems like in Confluent Schema Registry when same schema is registered it get registered with same schema ID.

Is there a way I can have two same schema with diff Id.

I’m trying to migrate my schema registry from Hortonworks to confluent and in HW schema registry when we re-regsiter same scehma it assigns a new id to that particular schema which is different from how Confluent does.

Is there any ways I can achieve this.

  1. You can either use Import Mode, if destination schema registry is empty.
  2. Or use Schema Linking where you can have a schema context (namespace) where you can have schemas with IDs that are already exist in the schema registry.
  3. Use Confluent Replicator or MM2 to deserialise records using HW SR and write them to Confluent SR with new IDs.