Importing from a TFVC repository into a Git repo\

Hi, How can I import from a TFVC repository into a Git repo and not exceeding the rate limit thresholds? I’m using the git-tfs tool.

I assume you want to keep the history ?

Yes, and it’s a very long history

Would this apply in your case ?

Do note thats it is upto i think 120 days or simmiar ?

But keep the TFVC in same project as the GIT repo for history sake and keep the latest in the git repo

I know this option; it’s not suitable since we have 3-4 years of history

Yeah what i was aiming at is keeping the TFVC as is with all history in a project and open a new git repo in same one only bringing less history ?

Other than forking git-tfs to work around the threshold, or if the maintainers are nice enough to work on it should you open an issue on their github repo, i dont see how you can influence the limit threshold. Maybe doing this on a long weekend in your region ?

I kinda doubt the rate limiting can be circumvented by modifying git-tfs, doesn’t azdo itself rate limit heavily when doing something like this?

With out looking at the code, I cant tell you for example if they are doing this in batches or not, you can deliberately enter some delays so the entire process doesn’t fail in the middle as a result and you’re left having to restart again. That’s why I added to my reply a suggestion to run this when usage is down for example but i know that even then you have a rate in the how many you can do per second and they will introduce delays if you pass certain usage.

Ping support to temporarily get your account whitelisted or use multiple accounts to do the fetching.