Improving resolution on Datadog charts for better analysis of peaks

Hello all! Is there a way to get better resolution on datadog charts? For example, if I am looking at a chart with data from the past day I get something like image 1, it is a CPU chart and everything looks fine, however, if I “focus” in a smaller timeframe I get the second image, and there I have some pods reaching over the max CPU.

I would like to see those peaks on a larger time span, is it possible?

As you go for a larger time range, the data gets average, and since these are spikes in a shorter time, you might not see the same picture.

Yes, that is what is going on. Let us say that we have 10000 datapoints in a time range, instead of getting the average, can I get just the maximum or minimum of those points?

It would really useful if I was able to have at least that and it would not be misleading. Today if I look to a week report I would assume nothing odd happened because of this average