Improving the performance of Grafana Dashboards

Hello, How to improve the performance of grafana dashboards? Is there any caching which could be implemented? Thanks.

What data source(s) are you using?

Pulling the data from prometheus servers which are pulling the metrics from all datasources , collecting metrics from unix servers, db servers, windows servers etc.

The slowness might be on those data sources.

Best way to test performance is to run those same queries in querying tool(s) for those data sources. or to examine network tab in dev tools in your browser to see which part takes long time

What kind of web server grafana uses under the hood?

Not sure. good question

Ok, let me post it on the main channel

Not sure how that helps with your performance

So like understanding if any caching can be configured

Goal is to render the grafana dashboard faster. Grafana is pulling the data from load balanced prometheus servers which are pulling the metrics from from unix servers, db servers, windows servers etc. CPU/memory utilization are all good on the grafana server and the prometheus servers. 1) What could be done to improve the performance the Grafana dashboard? 2) What kind of web server it is using? 3) Any caching can be configured grafana web server?

In some data sources there is setting for caching.

But not all data sources might have it

And also depends on version of grafana

Hi, I am using default SQLlite database with Grafana. Can that cause performance issue in dashboard rendering? Shall i migrate SQLlite to MariaDB ?

It could. but that might not be the issue. you need to vet things out with your data sources as mentioned before but doesn’t seem you are interested in investigating those recommendations.

Caching is also not necessarily a silver bullet. many people think it is without addressing other issues

I already did that analysis and data sources metrics are coming up quick on prometheus servers. so data sources is not a problem. Grafana is pulling the metrics from prometheus servers.

And what are the stats/metrics for running the query in prometheus? What is the performance in grafana? in seconds ?