Integrating DataDog Crash Reporting with iOS

Hello can someone help me? I am currently trying to integrate DataDog Crash Reporting to my iOS 17.0 with XCode 15, but somehow the crashes are not tracked in Error Tracking dashboard, but for the Log feature is tracked fine, thank you.

Hey ! So… I’m not a mobile app developer but I was able to get this working actually about a month ago with one of our customers.

The crash reporting has a <iOS Crash Reporting and Error Tracking package outside> of the core RUM setup. You also need to enable that package AFTER the RUM init with a CrashReporting.enable(). Did you happen to run through both of these steps? If so, have you tried turning debug mode and check if maybe something is conflicting with that package? You should be able to enable debug with:

Datadog.verbosityLevel = .debug

Yes, it’s working fine now, thank you.

No problem! Glad to hear.