Issue with running Confluent Platform locally using "confluent local services start

Hi everyone, new here - trying to run confluent platform on my local machine following the guide online ( ) but when I run “confluent local services start” I don’t get the output expected (Zookeeper is UP, Kafka is UP etc…) Instead I just get this “Try out Confluent Platform by running a single-node instance locally on your machine. These commands require Docker to run.” Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

Sounds like either you dont have Docker installed, or it is not running

Do I need Docker to run it though?

These commands require Docker to run

Otherwise, follow these individual steps

Yeah, but a few months ago it was working fine without docker - the instructions make online make no reference to needing docker so… just a bit confused :man-shrugging:

I assume this changed with the latest release a few weeks ago? Less scripts to maintain?

Yeah it seems something has changed that I’m not aware of