Kafka - disabling cleaner

Hi, I have check options to manage cleaner in server. As I understand or you enable cleaner or not at a server level with log.cleaner.enable. What if I want to disable cleaner for some topics? Is this a valid use case?

You need this broker setting to enable the cleaner threads to be started. After this those threads will clean only topics where logcompaction is enabled. the other topics will still be time or size based expired

But if I don’t want neither? Just keep records as they come, retaining everything, without compacting?

Then you would need to set very high retention tmes i guess?

There is only 2 compaction strategies

Keep the oldest verison of each key

Or keep that big of a tail

And with log cleaner enabled you can decide per topic what you want. I think the newset version allows a mix aswell (both activated)

Yes, I found that also.

Okay maybe i missunderstood your question then. Sorry

I mean, I found that you can mix it :slightly_smiling_face: your answer helps, thanks!