Killing a query ran by AWS RDS replica system

Is it possible to a kill a query ran by aws rds replicaset system user rdsadmin?
im logged in as root but just get ERROR 1095 (HY000): You are not owner of thread 186276

What command are you using?

There is a specific RDS command for this.

Ive tried both of these

CALL mysql.rds_kill_query(thread-ID) ```

CALL mysql.rds_kill_query(186276)

Do you know if its actually possible to kill a thread as a root user on aws rds? especially a thread/query created by one of the system users (rdsadmin)

And when considering that the root user does not get super priv. So i wonder when you have a stuck query that is owned by rdsadmin, is there a way to terminate it without restarting