Kubernetes - Importing root certificate globally on all pods to resolve SSL error

Hello everyone,

I need some assistance with an issue we are facing. Our Spring Boot application sends a post request to an external service. However, we recently enabled SSL on that external service, which is now causing the Spring Boot application to throw an SSL error.

Is there any possible way to import the root certificate globally on all pods? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

does ingress host a certificate? and are you configuring a .jks with your rest api?

For configuring a REST API with JKS, we need to modify the web client implementation to use a truststore.

is your error PKIX handshake related ?

there are 8-9 other spring boot apps which work similarily , I dont want to ask the team to change code for all of them

in my opinion, as cluster admin, dev teams should take the responsability to manage their applications from begin to end of their lifecycle.
I don’t know SpringBoot but if it looks for a jks in a default location, you could inject an init container to your apps, copying a jks from an external source to a volume mounted at the fixed path

the thing is that we want to see if there’s a way to do it without code change , something like terminating ssl before traffic comes to pod