Lambda limits with AWS SQS FIFO?

I have read AWS SQS FIFO only support batching messages of up to 10 at a time? Does that mean, my lambda function that is listening to the SQS can only receive a batch of 10 messages at a time?

What are the two (or more) possibilities you are trying to decide between?

Im not sure what youre trying to ask me?

I just wnat to know if batch of 10 is a hard limit ( i saw something which mentioned high throughput fifo queues)

SQS has a hard limit of 10 messages per batch, FIFO or not FIFO

Okay so that means the consumer can only recieve 10 messages at a time?

I just want to be clear, if i have a lambda function listening to the sqs it can only receive an event with 10 messages

At most, yes.

Ok thats confusing becasue -

The default batchSize is 10. The max batchSize is 10000 for a standard queue, 10 for a FIFO queue.

I thought the 10 messages was only a limitation for FIFO

NO, it means that one call to the API at max returns 10. You can make 1000 calls to the api and get back 10k results.

> I just want to be clear, if i have a lambda function listening to the sqs it can only receive an event with 10 messages (edited)
Listening using an Lambda EventSource or calling receiveMessage?

Ok so let me give you more context about my scneario…

I have a scneario:

• Each day i have 1000 job (messages) taht will come into the queue
◦ for each job:
:black_small_square:︎ i need to make an api call to a third party
:black_small_square:︎ store the response data in a database
• There is a limitation, the api rate limits 5 requests per second.

If i use a FIFO queue and i receive 1 message at a time and lets say it takes 1 minute to complete the job. It would take 16.6 hours to complete (not great).

The event source may spin up 1000 lambdas executions concurrently. That means 10k messages processed at the same tim. Each with 10.

^ this will only occur for standard FIFO queues right?

becuase my assumption is that with a FIFO queue, the first message has to be completed first before it moves to the next

It has nothing to do with FIFO queues, it is 100% based on your event source configuration. It just so happens that FIFO event sources can only set the batch size at 10.

Hm i am under the assumption that with a FIFO queue you must first complete a message (or batch of messages - 10) before receiving the next. So it cannot work concurrently?

The only messages that are ordered are ones in the same message group

Maybe thats what i read