Latency figures from AWS Edge locations

Does anyone have any resources for latency figures from AWS Edge locations back to AWS main regions? Just trying to see if I can make estimates for likely latencies without having to spin up endpoints and doing manual testing. (I’m planning on using AWS Global Accelerator to front a non-AWS native EC2 based VPN solution, and need low latency to our customer base.)

I think this should give you an idea as it measures the latency from your browser, to the nearest edge location, to an s3 bucket in whatever region.

You could use a VPN to place yourself wherever you want for your test to see how the latency differs.

Different service, but should provide similar results to Global Accelerator as it takes a similar path over the AWS global network to the desired region.

It’s the “use a VPN to place yourself” that I’m trying to avoid really, I’m just after the data from the edge locations to the regions.

(Would a VPN help? It’d still record the latency from where I am over to where the VPN sends me out?)

See also similar services, but not quite what I need:

You can factor out the extra latency from the VPN to see the difference that you get from using the edge location since it’s included in both tests.

So yeah, not useful for an exact number but tells you how much better it would be.