Logs getting lost in Datadog log exporter

Hey. I’m probably making a common mistake, but in sending logs to the DD log intake API endpoint, I’m getting a 200 OK, but the log is nowhere to be found in log explorer. What could I be doing wrong?
• I’ve double checked the API key/application key is correct
• The request body is JSON formatted, it’s just a simple {"message": "hello"}
• I’ve double checked the endpoint is correct, POST [https://http-intake.logs.datadoghq.eu/v1/input](https://http-intake.logs.datadoghq.eu/v1/input)

Hey, are you still unable to see your logs into Datadog? Best thing to do in that case is to reach out to support via email or live chat from the below link so we can verify an further investigate where the issue is coming form. https://www.datadoghq.com/support/

Hey, yes still nothing. Will try chat

Although it’s rather difficult to catch technical support at 10 ET, that’s kind of when my working day ends…

How are you configuring authentication information?

I am trying to use opentelemetry and facing issue sending data to it … 400 error

Hi. I’m using the datadog postman collection: https://docs.datadoghq.com/getting_started/api/

For what it’s worth, this is the culprit:
Content-Encoding: deflate
removing that got it to work (thanks DD support!)