Looking for a UI Tool to Aggregate Repository READMEs

Does anyone know of a UI that allows us to aggregate our repo’s README into a single place where we can view them all?

This works to concat all the *.md into a single file that is easy to read:

# Check if the directory is supplied
if [ -z "$1" ]; then
  echo "Please provide a directory name."
  exit 1

# Check if the directory exists
if [ ! -d "$1" ]; then
  echo "Directory does not exist."
  exit 1

# Create or empty the summary file
echo "" > "$summary_file"

# Find and concatenate the *.md files
find "$1" -name '*.md' | while read -r file; do
  # Add the header with the relative path to the file
  echo "## File: $file" >>"$summary_file"

  # Concatenate the content of the file
  cat "$file" >> "$summary_file"
  echo "" >> "$summary_file" # Add a new line to separate contents

echo "Summary file created: $summary_file"```

thanks i think we settled on making our own ui!

Yeah, this does seem like something that should be built in.

ye will probably build something with next.js that takes a .json file and produces a ui. e.g

  name: "<SERVICE_NAME>",
  docs: "https://<SERVICE_NAME>/docs.json
  readme: "<https://github.com/><ORG>/<SERVICE_NAME>/README.md",
  contributors: "<https://github.com/ORG/><;SERVICE_NAME>/CONTRIBUTORS.md",
  design: "<https://github.com/ORG/><SERVICE_NAME>/DESIGN.md",

docs.json being the openapi spec

I just presumed someone already had this idea, there are so many documentation services out there. We just want someothing that reflects with our github