Maintaining filter state across panels in Grafana dashboard

I have a metric (request count) that I’d like to group by 3 different dimensions (user, data ID, and node ID). I made 3 panels in the dashboard for each.
When I click on one particular user, I’d like to filter the other panels to select only that user.
If I select a node on the node panel, I’d like the filters to include both the user selection and node selection.

Is this possible? I know there are data links, but not sure how to maintain the current state of the variables when redirecting to add the new filter.

what does this dashboard look like?

so you have 3 dimensions as tables? or variables?

Currently they are all variables at the top for filtering, but there is a panel for each (a line graph) which is used to group by that dimension.

If I click on a user in the bottom panel, I’d like it to update the variable at the top. Then if I click on a node in the top panel, I’d like it to update the variable for node at the top, while not making the variable for user revert back to the default