Managing target list of a local black box exporter with Grafana

Hi, can Grafana manage the target list of a local black box exporter?
Basically trying to figure out how can I setup a synthetic monitor without having to use the Grafana cloud account. Already have black box exporter and Prometheus running local to my Grafana.

Hey, if you’re using prometheus-operator then the targets go in the serviceMonitor, here’s some notes I took for documentation:

[The actual spec for these objects][serviceMonitorSpec] has a lot of options, but it's not that overwhelming. For every parameterized query, just append `endpoints`:

      - port: metrics
        path: /probe                        # The "verb"
        params:                             # The GET parameters
          - [](             # Yep, it has to be a list
        relabelings:                        # You don't _have_ to do this...
          - sourceLabels: [__param_target]  # ...but I see this pattern a lot:
            targetLabel: instance           # overwriting the pod IP:port

So each query is an endpoint, each parameter key has a list of values, and if you don't like the double-underscore labels feel free to use "instance" as the catch-all for whatever "identifies" this query.

[serviceMonitorSpec]: [](```
Hope that's what you're looking for.

Thanks. My goal is to be able to modify that target list from the local Grafana.