Migrating accounts for on-prem TFS

Recently I asked about migrating accounts from one domain to another, for our on-prem TFS. Now I’d like to know how we can do that for everyone’s accounts in Azure DevOps Services? Everyone’s email will change from xxhealth.org to state.xx.us.

If I’m remembering correctly and do tell me if I’m not (long week) but you would be moving your Azure DevOps Services org from one Azure AD Tennent with .org users to a new one with .us users?

I think a good bet may be to engage support to find out how you can do that with minimal disruption. Moreso if you are on your own supporting this and you have many users.

About step 7 here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/devops/organizations/accounts/change-azure-ad-connection?view=azure-devops#change-the-azure-ad-connection gets into mapping disconnected users.

Farther down it talks about how all of the user tokens will be invalidated so you’ll need to have a plan for users to create new ones and update their applications.

Yes, you are correct. We’re going to be changing domains, so that has an impact upon everyone with code checked into our local TFS 2015 server and our Azure DevOps Services repos. I’m trying to get help from support. In fact, I’m writing up a document, specifying what needs to be done along with links to help those who will do the work. Part of my problem is I have to find what needs to be done, first, because no one here knows how to do it.

You have 3 options:
• Migrate users by migrating the TFS server to the new domain, then upgrading it to 2020 then importing it to the service.
• Upgrade the server to 2020, migrate to the new domain, import into the service.
• Upgrade TFS to 2020, import it into the service to an AAD that matches your OLD domain, then switch the domain over to a different AAD.

But remember, you must do an upgrade prior to import anyway.

You can choose to do the domain migration on-prem or in Azure.

The import tool will tell you whether it can migrate the users to the target AAD.

One thing I’m not clear is which has the most urgent priority. At this point I think they want to migrate users from one domain to another, before migrating all repos to AzDO

Can’t help you with that.

I’ve got clarification on that. The change in users’ email addresses from one domain to another, will happen by the end of September, so that is first. The rest need to be done by the end of the current fiscal year (June 30, 2023)

Then you’re looking at scenario 1 or 2.