Multiple patterns in aws cloudwatch log metric filter

Hi All, I am looking to define multiple patterns in “aws_cloudwatch_log_metric_filter”. Multiple pattern want to be as or condition, which will look into log group for the list of error messages.
any pointers please, I coundn’t find much on internet about or condition for pattern.

I’m not sure I understand or if I’m even qualified to respond, but are you using log insights?

I am trying to create a filter for multiple oracle error from the log group.

on line 440, in resource “aws_cloudwatch_log_metric_filter” “oralce_int_alarm_thread_adv”:
440: pattern = “ORA-600” || “ORA-00600” || “ORA-01000” || “ORA-00001” || “ORA-00257”

Unsuitable value for left operand: a bool is required.

Im sorry, I’m not too familiar with terraform. I do see that “oracle” appears to be misspelled (“oralce”) but I doubt that’s the issue. It seems like this might be helpful?

This looks like it may be what you’re trying to do
OBJECT_ENABLE = var.app_env == "master" || var.app_env == "dev" ? "true" : "false"

Again I’m completely unfamiliar with terraform so apologies if this is unhelpful