Q: Should I use my personal GitHub account or create a separate one for my company's enterprise org?

Q: I have my personal github account. We have a enteprise github offering at work.
Should i use my private accoutn to register to the company enterprise org ?
Should i create a second account mapped to my company email and use that one for company work ?
Is there a recommendation from Github ?
Can the admin of the account set specific policies to govern this ?

If the company bought the Enterprise Managed Users option, they’ll provision an account for you on your behalf with the format username-enterprise.

If your company is on standard GitHub Enterprise, then you’ll associate your existing GitHub user to your enterprise.

Enterprise membership can set a few policies like: SSO enforcement, 2FA and the presence of an enterprise-owned email address.

There is no option to enforce a ‘non-private’ public user for non-EMU accounts. There is no way for GitHub to know whether that account is the same for different than any other public GitHub handle.

I work under a single public account. Some people explicitly separate their work account from their private account. Possibly for IP and legal reasons. I’m no lawyer and can’t give you any guidance in that.