Routing domain traffic to AWS Lambda

I want to route the domain (in route 53) traffic to a lambda function. I tried to follow this custom domain name tutorial. I created the certificate, created the edge-optimized custom domain name, and I did the mapping, but it doesn’t seem to work. The error that I am getting in the browser is This site can't be reached, Check if there is a typo. I think that I miss a step… how does route53 knows to point the traffic to the lambda function?

It doesn’t, it goes Rout53 => APIGW => Lambda

How does the Route53=>APIGW works? Do I need to configure something in Route53, or is it automatic?

Route53 alias record poniting at an APIGW custom domain resource

In addition, maybe not related, in APIGW ->custom domain name -> when I check in the browser the that was generated, I am getting “403 forbidden”

I am trying to create the api gateway alias in route53, and I am getting no resources found error, even though there are APIs in that region

Finally, I got it working…