Running AWS automation documents in parallel

I have an automation that runs several AWS documents one at a time, is there anyway to run them in parallel?

Would help if you clarify what AWS services you’re talking about

“run aws documents” doesn’t immediately mean much to me

They’re essentially running custom commands on EC2 instances

Ok so you’re running something on ec2

Well I’m running System Manager Documents on EC2 instabfes

And you’re running them with systems manager automations?

Assuming under the hood what you’re doing is a shell command, you could run it in the background so as far as systems manager is concerned it completes right away but the task actually runs in the background process on the host… But then you might run into issues with knowing if the command succeed or what happened if they failed

And in that case you would need some command to monitor the results from your other commands…

Depending what kind of tasks you’re running systems manager might just not be the right tool, a lambda or step function might make more sense